Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy (Hollow Fame)

You mortals… know how to act justly only when you have the support of popular opinion and empty rumor; you are not satisfied with the assurance of conscience and virtue but seek your reward in the hollow praise of other men. Did you ever hear the joke about the folly of such arrogance? One man was ridiculing another who falsely called himself a philosopher; he called himself this not because he practiced true virtue, but out of vanity. The first man claimed that he would find whether or not the other was a philosopher by the way the other humbly and patiently put up with insults. The would-be philosopher bore the insults patiently for a while and then said, “Now do you think that I am a philosopher?” His tormentor laughed and replied, “I would have thought so, if you had kept silent.” – Book II, Prose VII


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