Calvin and Hobbes, Best Kind of Story

Are you going to read Calvin a story? Only if it's not that awful "Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie." Oh, but you look so cute doing the "happy hamster hop!" I don't want to look cute!! What story would you like tonight, Calvin? I want a story about Hobbes and me. Ok.... hmm... Let's see... Once there was a boy named Calvin who lived with a tiger named Hobbes. Today they got up at the crack of dawn and made a huge ruckus running up the stairs, galump, galump, galump! And sliding down again, bump, bump, bump, bump! Yeah, then the big bad dad yelled that if we don't knock it off, he'd mail us to Pluto third class! Who's telling this story, you or me? You did say that! Don't try to deny it! So finally, Calvin got the hint and he went to rot his innards with chocolate cereal, and to rot his brain watching cartoons. Hey! No editorials! At last Calvin and Hobbes went outside, and it was nice and quiet in the house again. At least for a while. Well, good night! Good night!? That's not the end! You didn't even get us to lunchtime! That's right... it's not the end of the story. This story doesn't have an end. You and Hobbes will write more of it tomorrow and every day after. But now it's time to sleep. So good night. Oh! Ok. Good night. This is a good story about us if it doesn't end! That's the kind of story I like best! Good night, ol' buddy! Me too! See you tomorrow!

April 22, 1990


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