Calvin and Hobbes, Cultural Icons

Let's hurry down this hill and go home. What's the rush? There's a TV show on sledding I want to watch. In my opinion, television validates existence. Take this sled ride, for instance. This experience is fleeting and elusive. By tomorrow, we'll have forgotten it, and it may as well have not even happened. Byt if we were on TV now, countless viewers would share in the event and confirm it! This ride would become a part of mass consciousness! And on TV, the impact of an event is determined by the image, not its substance. So with some strong visuals, our sled ride could conceivably make us cultural icons! Instead of being boring ol' Calvin and Hobbes, we'd be "Calvin and Hobbes - as seen on TV!" Wouldn't that be great? Don't you wish we were on TV? At this moment, I like my anonymity. I think we should go for the high-brow public TV audience, don't you?

February 4, 1990


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